Terms and conditions

Membership European Association for Research on Plant Breeding EUCARPIA

1. Applicability

These terms of conditions regulate the financial obligations of members of the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding EUCARPIA.  


2. Vendor

EUCARPIAs legal seat is Droevendaalseweg 1 107, 6708PB Wageningen, The Netherlands

The present correspondence address of EUCARPIA is: EUCARPIA Presidency, Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART, Reckenholzstrasse 191, CH-8046 Zürich, Switzerland

Since EUCARPIA is a non-profit organisation, membership fees are exempted from VAT.


3. Membership

3.1. Membership becomes effective after  receipt of a duly signed application form. The application can be withdrawn within 10 working days by e-mail notice.

3.2. The member accepts being bound to pay an annual membership fee. The amount due is that indicated in the current website.

3.3. Each member receives an annual invoice for the membership fee showing the amount due. As EUCARPIA is a non-profit organization, there is no VAT number shown on invoices.

3.4. EUCARPIA will provide the member with all benefits as specified on the website, in particular with a reduction on participation fees on EUCARPIA events, full access to the members zone on the website and discounts on books of certain publishers. Access to the benefits for members becomes effective within 10 working days after receipt of the application form.


4. Termination of membership

4.1. Cancellation by the member: Membership can only be cancelled as of 31 December of each year. Cancellation must be announced 2 months before that date.

4.2. Cancellation by the board of EUCARPIA: If a member fails to comply with its financial obligations and does not respond to repeated reminders, the board can decide to cancel the membership anytime.


5. Payment

5.1. Payment by electronic bank transfer: Make a transfer and indicate your name and invoice number in the transfer. Always use the SEPA option of bank transfer if supported by your bank. If SEPA is not supported, choose “breakdown of costs”.

UBS AG, Postfach 1770, CH-8098 Zürich, Switzerland,

BENEFICIARY: Assocation Europeenne pour L’Amelioration des Plantes Eucarpia

IBAN: CH90 0022 8228 EU10 0387 6


5.2. Online payment is possible with VISA and Mastercard by following the instructions on the website

5.3. Payment is due net within 2 months of receipt of the invoice.


6. Refund of erroneous payments

Erroneously made payments are to be communicated within 10 days to the secretariat. If justified, EUCARPIA will refund to a bank account or the credit card account as indicated.


7. Liability

EUCARPIA is not liable for the contents of its published materials or for the accuracy of information obtained by the members at EUCARPIA events.


8. Protection of personal data

The member agrees that EUCARPIA stores personal data such as name, address, phone and e-mail address, date of birth and uses them to contact the members appropriately. No personal data will be handed out to third parties.


9. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction

9.1. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Zürich, Swiss law is applicable.  

9.2. If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions are against superior law, such circumstance shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract